Contact to the Hereafter

In some sessions it can also happen that a message from beloved ones that passed away are coming through. I than get clear signs (specific messages connected to the clients) and sometimes messages that may have been unspoken or are still important for the person in the session. These messages also have the purpose of dissolving stagnant unfulfilled energies and leaving the person feeling lighter.

Foreign energies / occupations

Sometimes the spiritual energy field of a human is blocked threw foreign energies, which are simply do not belong to the person concerned. This can be “energy garbage” from others, like emotional garbage, but also karmic garbage that has accompanied you for a long time and demands a lot from your own energy. Sometimes it also happens that energy of souls that passed away, get stuck in ones energy field. This sometimes manifests itself with an inexplicable pressure or heaviness on the chest, or simply a heaviness that spreads around the body or directly on the body. Sometimes these energies have been stuck to the person for so long that they have already got used to them, and later are surprised of much much lighter they feel after an energy cleanse. This type of healing is particularly liberating, your personal energy Is able to flow freely and with ease again.

Past lives

Some sessions include insights into past lives, or how these still influence or block the current state of well being. Looking back and “undo the karmic knots” helps to ensure that today’s energy field flows properly again. The goal of past life insights should be much less to satisfy curiosity than to help gain new perspectives into certain inexplicable recurring patterns.

Calling your spirit animal

If desired, I can also introduce my clients to their very own special spirit animal which is by their side, and maybe want´s to share a message with them. A spirit animal is a helper next to us on the subtle level. Sometimes spirit animals show up who only have a message for the actuall life situation, sometimes a spirit animal appears that may stand by your side for a longer period of time.