In the shamanic world this technique is also called “tunnel diagnosis”.
With this method, I use my ability detect various blockages in the aura, chakras and the energy field connected to the body. Blockages can manifest with a variety of reasons.
As example, if you had been often forbidden to speak up for yourself in certain situations, then I perceive the blockage on the subtle level, which could even prevent you from speaking for yourself or giving you a hard time to speak your own truth.

Sometimes I notice that the flow of energy in the various energy centers (heart center, sexual energy as example) stagnates, which I try to bring back gently into flow. Sometimes I notice that the subtle connection to the spirit world is disconnected, these are mostly the clients who no longer feel the joy of life and perceive the world as a dark place rather than a joyride of opportunities. Some blockages have been manifested in the system, throughout physical injuries in the past. Sometimes I notice physical complaints that affect the organs or digestion, and sometimes information about vitamin deficiencies comes to the surface.

At this point, I would like to mention, that I´m not a certified doctor and therefore never give a medical diagnosis. All the information I receive and give I take from the corresponding energy field. Physical and mental problems must ALWAYS be clarified by a doctor because I am convinced that we should also take advantage of the nowadays conventional and alternative medicine. Energy work should complement and support this, but not completely replace it.
It is also important to mention that all sessions are for the exact moment, and nothing is carved in stone. Every person is gifted with free will in his earthly existence, and it is up to each person how to deal with the energetic renewal.

According to the saying “What was right for you today may be different tomorrow.”