“Regardless of whether it was a channeling or a shamanic treatment from Eva, it has always brought me a few steps further in my life and turned me in the right direction and clearly shown my way again. Often when decisions have to be made and the mind isn´t clear, especially in
these moments it helps to get help and a input from outside in the form of channeling. If it aligns with you, then you have this “aha effect” and you can see clearly again. Eva was also able to help my friends with her gift also, so I can Highly recommend her! “

Vera S.

“Although I was very skeptical at first, Eva convinced me of the effect of her energy work with animals, so I often ask her for advice when I have problems with my four-legged friends. This is how I found out that my horse had big problems with the new saddle and therefore developed great tension on one side, which the physiotherapist also confirmed. Eva explained to me that my horse is very temperamental and always has to go first, because before she came to me, she was drilled for years. (She was on the racetrack for a few years). After every energy work I am amazed of the outcome and this helps me to understand my four-legged friends better and to work on the problems. I can only recommend this fascinating work to everyone! “

Verena L.

“Dear Eva, with your wonderful gift you literally brought the warmth back into my life. After our session, things immediately went uphill and my longterm suffering came to an end. It is also good to know that everyone is now back in the right place simply a wonderful calming feeling and gives me more security and confidence every day. But not only me, also my entire environment in my family has benefited from our session and has changed. Yes, you have convinced even the greatest skeptics.
I’m just so happy and grateful to have met you. You are an extraordinary person and everything is always so exciting with you. Whenever i have the opportunity, I recommend you to others. Because a session with you is definitely worthy for everyone. This also applies to your yoga sessions – your inputs that you always give us – I am thrilled every time. “

Birgit P.

“Through the session with Eva, I found myself again. I faced a phase in my life where I just cried and felt like trapped in my sadness “, I didn’t want to see anyone and I lost the joy of life because my heart was broken!Even Family and friends couldn’t help me at this point. The session with Eva took away all my grief and suddenly brought me back light and hope. Eva is a warm person who gives everyone the feeling that everything can change. Thank you for so much positive energy! “

Melanie H.

“You know that I am a very rational, logical person who wants to explain everything with” science “… and tha i have always been very skeptical of your work. I still can’t explain it to myself. I don’t really have to. However! The way you say and represent things, really made totally sense to me and I have the feeling it really made a difference. Somehow everything inside me started processing ….. Thanks for the experience!

Mathias S.

This session / channeling was one of the best decisions of my life. I had no plan what I was getting myself into, but somehow I felt that I needed it. I felt lost at the beginning of the lesson. Like a ball of wool where you can’t find the beginning. Eva gradually grounded me. I was so happy afterwards and could finally feel myself again. I can finally be me again. In my environment, whether privately or at work, I was asked by a lot about what a great charisma I have. I am so incredibly happy to have found my way to Eva, although we have known each other for ages.

Annika H.