I also have a similar perception of houses, apartments, or places in nature that certain energies can be stored or get stuck there. Also keep in mind, that each piece of land has already experienced far more than the period of the respective house that is built on there.
I am also convinced that there are several dimensions on earth, including the ones we humans do not perceive as our reality – the subtle level. I also believe that different elements have different spirits. (water spirits, fire spirits,…) I believe that nature spirits / nature energies are always surrounding us on a subtle level which can also sometimes play their tricks on us. While doing clearing energy work on houses,i often feel that not only the energies of the people living there can get stuck, but also those of the past residents and those of the different nature spirits. .
Many other cultures, like shamanism work with nature energies. It is also important to honor and respect their presence.
The goal is to transform the old energies, which have no use anymore, and to neutralize the energy in the house / place. It also happens sometimes that you have to “appease” any natural spirits / natural energies or negotiate a bit so that the new residents also have the right to reside.
Some disturbances of nature spirits could be recurring water damage to the house, things disappear, plants are dying for no reason, moving into the new place can feel challenging