In my classes and workshops, I would love to help my students to understand that yoga is not just reduced to physical exercises (asanas).
Yoga is about the connection between body, mind and soul, which is always a flowing symbiosis, whether we perceive it consciously or unconsciously.
I always had the desire to understand the backgrounds and benefits of certain poses or breathing techniques in my practices. Questions such as “why is that?” Or “what is the background to this?” came up.
Yoga is a tool that touches ALL levels of existence, the physical, mental, emotional, as well as the subtle level (Aura) around us.
Every exercise, is much more than the great fact that the body remains supple, strengthened, and stretched.

“Yoga doesn´t make my life better, but it makes me better at life.”

The body is only one component that helps us to express ourselves in life, to feel life, and to bring imbalance into the visible. Energetic elements are a big part of my practice as I work with chakras and affirmations, life metaphors, relaxation techniques, guided meditations, and breathing exercises. I always focus on the persons or groups needs, i´m practicing with, and work with insights that seems important at the very moment.
I firmly believe that yoga is for everyone! I decided, to not differentiate between beginners and advanced, as I do not want to put pressure on nobody attending my classes. I’ve noticed that yoga is nowadays often associated with phrases like “I can’t, I’m not flexible” ,or “I can’t, I’m too old, too immobile, etc.“ Yoga should not scare anyone! Yoga can help you to get a new perspective of yourself, to show you where you are at right now, and fill you with acceptance of your current state. Also to understand, that it is never, never, never too late to take another step forward. A few years ago, I would have never expected my physical flexibility would develop so well and realized that I´m allowed to enjoy this process without pressure. Of course, I am always happy about new progress.
Keep in mind, just as life itself flows with its phases and circumstances, the practice works sometimes better than other times.
The yoga practice allows you to apply everything that you learned on the mat into your whole life, be it physical fitness or the spiritual, mental attitude. The soul also benefits from the practice, as the physical and mental practice reaches much deeper than we are sometimes aware of.
I teach with the mission to bring ease and fun into the practice and to deliver a feeling that everyone can come and be as they are. During the practice, I explain a lot and draw attention to the different levels that are being worked with, I allow various elements to flow in, and I like to orient myself on the current energy qualities, be it the moon phases, seasons, or perceived energetic changes. I always trust my intuition 100%, which tells me what the practice should bring for those present today, or what my students can possibly take away from it.
It´s important to me, to mention, that people who attending my classes, have absolute responsibility for themselves and their body. It´s also theirs to understand where their physical limits are, and not force themselves into certain positions. This can quickly lead to injuries.
I trust every single person who takes part in my classes that they listen to their body and do not go beyond physical limits. Going beyond mental limits is however totally acceptable 😉
Yoga is for everyBODY!