As already mentioned, the soul can also experience trauma and injuries. Parts of the soul can split off for protection or get lost due to certain experiences. Parts of the soul can also be unconsciously “robbed” by other persons.

Reasons for a partial loss of soul can be:

Break ups, accidents, physical or verbal violence, losses, deaths, drug abuse, sexual abuse, shock experiences, arguments, bullying, toxic family climate (parts can split off in early childhood),…..

Symptoms could be:

Chronic fatigue, lack of happiness in life, depressive states, not feeling “whole” (= dissociation), addictions, wrong body awareness, lack of motivation and / or emotion, persistent sadness, feeling stuck,….

It is my task to bring these lost soul parts back into the here and now, so the energy of the soul can flow freely again. Some energy healing comes with pain, as old things are brought to light that have been hidden deep in the underground for years or decades. I always call it a “healing pain”, as a dear friend once told me. This healing pain is important to bring the client back into her/his wholeness.
I always advise my clients to just take time for themselves afterwards and to just reflect on what appeared in their session. Of course, this is a recommendation, as everyone deals with their energy differently. In some sessions I experienced instant healing, which are the most beautiful confirmations to my energetic work.
As I bring back the different soul parts, it always includes a personal respectful process afterwards, until the energies are back on their places again.
A “six-pack” also requires time and discipline and is not visible within three days 😉
As parts of the soul return it can also cause short-term physical reactions such as nausea, dizziness, emotional reactions, etc.