A soul is a multidimensional being, one could say it´s an everlasting form of energy that has the ability to store information of all kinds.

I believe in reincarnation, which means that I believe that the soul wanders through different lifetimes in order to reach complete enlightenment. Which includes that the soul comes back to earth again and again to fulfill certain learning tasks or to compensate for things that “we” may have “screwed up” in another lifetime. I also think that the soul can be affected just as much as our physical body itself. It can also carry away wounds, that may happened while experienced traumatic situations, as a human being.
In traumatic situations parts of the soul can even split off and get lost. This is actually a very intelligent move of our soul, in order to protect our human existence, as the body and mind not always work as strongly as the soul does. If parts got lost, over time you are definitely aware that something is “off”, or something feels just wrong. A feeling of not “feeling whole” or “feeling lost” can appear over time.

This is exactly where shamanic arts of healing can help:

With my ability to see and feel energies, as well as to gain insights into karmic pasts, I connect to the current energy field of my client, to see where there might be missing pieces, and where energy healing needs to be done, in order to bring back the harmony on energetic levels.
After the energy healing you must consider that the healing process may also take its time, the same way as you may not be able to jump around one day after a surgery 😉

In my sessions, I work with 2 different energetic methods where the goal is the same: that my client feels good again, comes into her/his wholeness, and hopefully can include some beneficial insights from the session into her/his life. Of course, every session is treated with the utmost discretion.

Albert Einstein once said : “Everything is energy!”
I am firmly convinced that has no limits.

You also have to understand that the spiritual world works very differently:

Many difficulties that we approach in our lives are simply teaching experiences in the spiritual world, which some of them hurt more than others. In my experience, as soon as it gets emotional, there mostly is a profound learning process taking it´s place. The soul knows its plan, and it continues to pursue it, without ifs or buts.
As a little comparison, if you really want to achieve your doctor finals, you probably won´t give up till you got that title in your pocket. Same as the soul is confronted with it´s learning tasks, till their included in it´s existence.

Once I channeled a message, of which one sentence, will forever be in my memory:

“Human-beings just learn through strong emotions, otherwise they do not move or not move enough”.

I also experienced in my personal life, that only the hardest emotional times brought me a little closer to my personal truth and to a better understanding of myself.