Next to my absolute love and passion towards the islands of hawaii, I also choose the word ALOHA as there is much more hidden in the meaning that can be revealed.
It hides a philosophy of life that is very close to my heart.
“Aloha” cannot only be translated as “the breath of life” and is intended to draw attention to the importance of breathing and life energy (prana).Also every single letter has it´s special meaning.

A : Akahai e na Hawai’i – be gentle and show kindness and kindness to everyone.

L : Lokahi a ku like– be united and stick together

O : Olu’olu ka mana’o– always have and always give good thoughts

H : Ha’aha’a kou kulana – be humble

A : Ahonui a lanakila – be patient, then you will endure and be persistent.


Mission Aloha

It is my desire and wish to introduce the feeling of Aloha-spirit to my students and my community around me, as I think it is something our culture can also have some benefits from.
The Aloha – Spirit is very respected in Hawaii. It is a philosophy and attitude that helps to understand that living life with love and compassion towards each other and yourself is absolutely essential.