My biggest wish is to make people aware that there is much, much more than we can perceive with our human eyes. I would love to share the fact that there are several layers that can influence us in our life. If we are only aware of the material level, some causes of difficulties can be very hard to understand.
I would be happy for everyone if they could go through life with more confidence and ease because that´s one main goal of life: – to live it simply, joyful and with ease.

I am very lucky to have been born into a family in which the spiritual world has always been present and has never been called nonsense. With a mother as a spiritual medium, the foundation for my subtle talent was laid very early and i´m really happy to share my gifts with others.

I perceive our magical connection to the spiritual world very often, I sometimes call it ” connection to the universe”, since the term spiritual world is often not as tangible as “the universe”. I was guided many times by the spiritual world, often through the great amazement of my fellow human beings. That´s my wish for everybody, to believe and feel in the magic that is surrounding us. Of course, you always have to take steps yourself first to achieve certain things, but I learned that sometimes it´s also important, to lean back and trust in life and it´s magical ways. I have learned to understand signs of the spiritual world, which can often be mistaken as simple coincidences. But if I learned one thing, it is that NOTHING in life is coincidental.

I believe that everyone has their own personal plan and path for their soul and life, and everyone decides for themselves whether they can live and experience it with ease or with difficulty. Of course, various fates are very hard to cope with on a human level, and life does not always run on straightforward tracks where you should lean back.
All situations that happen to us are spiritual learning tasks. In those kind of situations I would like to support you with my gift to perceive the bigger picture and to be able to feel and recognize the loving help from our spiritual world.

I am not saying that my point of view is 100% true. I only state in which ways i´m working in the energetic field. I am happy to pass on my knowledge to anyone interested, in the form of workshops, blogs, and one on one sessions. But to mention here, it´s always important that people check for themselves if my work is also in alignment with their inner truth . Because it also happens that my way of working is not the right help to everyone. That´s why in case of doubt, it´s always ok to stop or cancel the session, as I am firmly believe that it must be suitable for BOTH sides. I am also happy to give recommendations to my dear healer colleagues.