I like to mention, that I only use my abilities when I am explicitly asked about it, and that I mostly get information that appear to be important at the very moment. Some things have to be peeled off like layers to get to the actual core. I get insights to the layers, which the person/the soul is ready to work on with. I am also talking about “energetic privacy”, which I do not want to overstep in any way.

Soul-healing could be helpful if you have the feeling, that you are not longer yourself anymore, you simply notice something is “off”. You could also feel detached from yourself,or that something is missing.

Another reason could be a lack of energy. You notice that you have become “weaker” for years, weeks or months, you feel that the flow of energy stagnates somehow.

Some clients have consciously experienced something traumatic in their lives. Examples could be accidents, trauma-prone relationships, physical and emotional violence, fear topics, and repeatedly recurring patterns that cannot be explained.
Sometimes the karmic work is very important as recurring patterns sometimes have to do with ancestral issues, or even stored information that the soul has taken from a previous life.

Karmic work can include old soul contracts, soul promises, or even curses, from previous lifetimes. Those can still work in the depxths of our soul today and can have a negatively influence in today’s existence.

A soul healing session can also be used, if you wan´t to gain a better understanding of your current life situation, or in relationships with your beloved ones. Also to get a different understanding from the higher perspective of certain life situations. I often get messages from the spiritual world that help my clients to gain more clarity of their current situation, and to give them the feeling that everything that happens in life, is happening for their higher good.