Single coaching
In a single coaching I always make sure to understand the individual needs of my student. Before hand we discuss which parts of the body and mental state should be focused on.
Duration : 2 Hours (30min preparation, 90min yoga)
Costs: 60€
online also available

Group Settings
Group settings can include 4 or more persons, I also offer to come to your private house to teach there.
Duration: 90min
Costs : 15€ per person

Guided deep meditation / Relaxation techniques

In the guided meditation we dive deep together into the subtle layers and let go of any outside stress that might occurred in your life. I also offer to teach different relaxations techniques which can be included into day to day life.

I do no take any responsibility about any injuries that can occur while the yoga practice. Every Student has the 100% responsibility about their body, and in case of insecurities, of any body injuries or mental states that occurred beforehand, I would recommend to check on in with your doctors first.