The appreciation of yoga and it benefits, has been on the fast track in the last years, in the recognition our fast-paced society.
Nowadays yoga is mainly perceived as a sport, but unfortunately, it is often forgotten that it is much more than a purely physical practice, because yoga includes all human aspects: mental, emotional, and physical.

Who can do yoga?
Yoga is suitable for almost all age groups, regardless of gender.

Goals and benefits of the practice
In yoga, the main goal is to bring all three levels of being (physical, mental, spiritual) into harmony. Healthy body means a healthy mind and a healthy mind means a healthy body. Yoga increases your body awareness, which can lead to stable self-awareness. Especially at a young age, it is beneficial to strengthen your body and mind awareness.
With different breathing and meditation techniques, the practitioner learns different tools that he/she can use in everyday life.
Yoga strengthens the entire muscular body, keeps the spine healthy, and increases physical flexibility through certain stretching exercises.
Regular practice can also improve your stress management and how you approach certain situations occurring in life.
In addition, practicing yoga in a group can strengthen a sense of community.

Structure of the practice:
A yoga lesson lasts 90 minutes and, in addition to physical exercises, includes various breathing and meditation techniques as well as relaxation exercises.